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VDH is partnering with Pharmacist Alliance and Appalachian College of Pharmacy to improve chronic diseases outcomes and reduce its burden on Virginia residents by placing a satellite or a branch office of Buchanan Health Center AADE accredited diabetes education program in each county’s local health Department. Peninsula Health District is proud to be the first to offer this program to our residents

Diabetes Self-Management Education- DSME

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is a critical component of diabetes care where self-management behavior is the key outcome. It has a client-centered Approach which allows the person with diabetes to lead the decision making process and initiate self-care. Research shows that people with diabetes who take a DSME program have improved diabetes knowledge and self-care behavior, as well blood glucose numbers, weight loss, and overall quality of life.

 OUR DSME Program

Our DSME Program is run under the guidelines of Buchanan Health Diabetes Center (BHDC) which is an American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) nationally accredited Program. We will also partner with and utilize other ADA recognized or AADE accredited diabetes programs

  • A  one hour initial health assessment
  • Two 4-hours of group education on the basics of diabetes care (8-hours group).
  • Class topics include living with diabetes, monitoring, nutrition, medication management, exercise, managing acute situations, and complication prevention
  • The final hour is a group follow-up appointment 3 months after the group class. 
  • Participants may also be eligible for Medical Nutrition Therapy appointments and follow-up support opportunities to help with continuing lifestyle changes. 

Availability of Services

The DSME Program is available to all Southwest Virginia residents with Type 2 Diabetes.Fees are charged on a sliding scale and may be covered by insurance. We will accepts United Healthcare and Medicare. Other insurances may also cover DSME. Please check with your insurance provider prior to enrolling in the DSME Program.

Services will be  provided at  several AADE accredited and ADA recognized diabetes sites throughout our region. Please check our site for the location of the PIDO site nearest you

 Making a DSME Referral

Medical providers who want to make a referral should complete and fax the form below.


        Fax: 276-935-2082


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