Employers and health plans can now add our PIDO solution to their efforts to keep employees healthier. Diabetes consumes 1 in every 10 dollars you pay for employee health insurance.  However, diabetes is more than just an insurance cost for you.  Diabetes threatens the effectiveness of your most precious asset—your work force.

 Pharmacist Alliance can design a PIDO program, to fit the specific need of each employer and taking into account the local insurance and caregiver ecosystem in order to help you keep your employees healthy and productive. Complete the form below or call us at (276)608 -8093 for more information regarding PIDO program for your employees

 PIDO will help you cut cost of diabetes care and Improve diabetes outcomes for your members or employeesfrom

What do I get from PIDO?

A pharmacist diabetes educator supported by AADE accredited Diabetes center to cater to your employees or members

You get a reduction in cost as every 1% reduction in A1c will reduce  your cost per member or employee by $5,000

You get healthy members or employees as every 1% reduction in A1c will reduce complications by 40%

Our Pharmacists will come to your site or if you prefer your members or employees will come to the pharmacist's sites close to where they live.

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